"Comfort Zone" Juried Exhibition January 25 to May 10, 2018
Ferguson Library

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    "Faces and Figures"

    Jan. 7 - Feb. 1, 2018
    Juror: Weiqing Yuan
    Pickup: Fri/Sat. Feb. 2/3 Noon-3pm

    Faces and Figures 2018

    Winners (clockwise from top)
    1st Place - Madana Subbiah, "Sculpture Series"
    2nd Place - Bill Gordon, "Just Dance"
    3rd Place - Pamela Tucker, "Tatiana"
    HM - Olaf Soot, "Children of Andes"
    HM - Joan Beple, "Looking Back"

    Accepted Artists

    Brien Adams: “Piercings” “Drunk Girls”
    Sue Armero: “Death of a Son”
    Lynne Arovas: “Figure (F)”
    Jean Marc Bara: “Hang on to the Balloon” “DJ” “Let Me Think About It”
    Gigi Barrett: “Nona in the Garden” “Caught in the Act”
    Carol M. Battin: “Ilana at the MET” “It all started with a Model in my Doctor’s Office”
    Joan Bepler: “Looking Back (Terry)”
    Sarah Boyle: “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”
    N. Robert Cestone: “Spellbound Psychic”
    Heidi Coleman: “Namaste”
    Fabian Cortes: “Hummingbirds" “La Rosa”
    Carol Nipomnich Dixon: “Billboard Portrait”
    Maria Friscia: “Is This Still Life? II”
    Giannetta: “Let’s Have a Look” “Peyten”
    Bill Gordon: “Just Dance”
    Ellen Gordon: “Portrait of Contemplation”
    Mike Harris: “Amish Boy”
    Sally Harris: “Tillie”
    Carina Imbrogno: “Bestfriends" “Daniel”
    Kenya Juarez: “Old Man”
    Elizabeth Killgore: “The Edge” “The Lookout" “Serengeti Sunset”
    Carolyn Lyngholm: “Fruit Head”
    Ana Meduri: “Igor”
    Susan McHale: “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”
    Peter Millward: “Daron, Burn Survivor II”
    Zbig Orwicz: “Taking a Break”
    Amy Schott: “Untitled” “Untitled”
    Olaf Soot: “Children of Andes” “Contentment”
    Madana Subbiah: “Sculpture Series”
    Richard Tedeschi: “Calm before the Storm”
    Pamela Tucker: “Tatiana”
    Richard Ventre: “Shana/Bach Trio Sonata No. 5”

    Gallery Hours: Thur./Fri. 11am-3pm, Sat./Sun., Noon-3pm. CLOSED on Holidays.