Student Show Pick-up:
Thur. - Sat, Mar. 15 - 17, 1 - 4 pm

"More Bites and Pieces"
March 1 - 31, 2018
Featuring SAA artists: Rosa Colon, Maria Friscia, Christine Irvin, Tina Link, Carolyn Lyngholm, Charmaine Rawsthorne,. Richard Tedeschi and Elizabeth Vazquez. At

A. I. Friedman, 495 Boston Post Road, Port Chester, NY.

We would like to thank Tony Wilkinson of A. I. Friedman for organizing this show and for the long-term support of the annual SAA High School Show. A. I. Friedman also offers a 10% discount on non-sale art supplies throughout the year to SAA members... so consider joining us!

"Memory of Stories"

Call for entries for Art at the Ferguson. Deadline is April 25.

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    "Retrospectiva Dual"

    March 25 - April 26, 2018   PRESS RELEASE

    A Painting series by Mayole Gonzalez and Fabian Cortes

    Opening Reception: March 31, 6-8pm, Closing Reception: April 21, 6-8pm

    Retrospectiva Dual

    In addition to art at the SAA Townhouse Gallery, there's two other cultural events open to the public celebrated around the World Day of the Spanish Language, in honor of the Spanish writer Miquel de Cervantes:

    'Latin America in Exile' - Poetry Recital in Spanish describing the feelings of Latin American exile. Delivered by the members of La Tertulia de Stamford. Sat., April 7, 6 - 8pm

    'Music & Animation' - Three animated short films from an anthology produced by Paul McCartney. Attendees will be encouraged to write about what they saw and then read it aloud. (Writing and speaking may be done in Spanish or English.) Sat., April 14, 11am - 1pm

    Gallery Hours: Thur./Fri. 11am - 3pm, Sat./Sun., Noon - 3pm. CLOSED on Holidays.